Friday July 22nd, 2011

Born in Lyon, the culinary capital of France, Jean-Claude Trichet likely knows how to enjoy a good meal.  I imagine he feasted in gustatory delight after arguably locking up 2011 “Man of the Year” honors from Time Magazine in a mere thirty-six hours for his critical actions in helping to resolve a seemingly intractable Greek sovereign debt crisis.  If I could send a bottle of wine to his table as a small tribute to his prudence and insight, then nothing short of a 2005 Romanee-Conti would do. 

Inserting himself into French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pre-summit powwow on Wednesday, he softened his stance on allowing Greece Continue reading »


Thursday July 21st, 2011

On Monday, I suggested that given the calendar, we could potentially put the uncertainty of the European sovereign debt crisis and the crashing of the U.S. debt ceiling behind us.  I would argue that while the risk from both still shrouds the market with fear and caution, the key players have taken major advances in resolving each situation constructively.  If investors were to perceive that these two binary events have taken the first steps on the path toward long term stability, then they would comfortably shift their focus away from the beta of the machinations of the macro environment toward the alpha of individual stock picking.  Doing so, they would be only encouraged based on the early results from the reporting season.

European leaders arrived in Brussels today for a much ballyhooed summit in an attempt to prevent Continue reading »


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