Jeremy Klien Biography

Jeremy Klein has over a decade of industry experience and has most recently managed Beacon World Wide Opportunities, an 11MM multi-strategy hedge fund, member of the investment committee of Beacon Trust Company which had $1.6B AUM.














Beacon World Wide

-An $11MM multi-strategy hedge fund
- Member of the investment committee of Beacon Trust Company which had $1.6B AUM

Chief Market Strategist and Head Futures Trader for TFG Investments

Mr. Klein was the Senior Trader for Quest Partners LLC

- A systematic Commodity Trading Advisor in New York
- Traded over 60 global futures and F/X markets.
- Ran investor relations during a time when assets under management more than doubled to over $225MM

Senior Trader Trader for RBC Capital Markets U.S. Program Trading Desk

- Instrumental in the group’s significant growth
- Was responsible for a separate discretionary trading portfolio which garnered annual returns of 38%.
- Vice President on Lehman Brothers’ Equity Proprietary Trading Desk
- Managed portfolios in excess of $500MM
- Held the position of Macro Trader at J. Goldman & Co.


Jeremy received an M.B.A with Distinction from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania

- Concentration in Finance
- Received a B.S. with a major in Mathematic and Computational Science from Stanford University





















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